According to the latest report from the Court of Auditors, which advises to greatly reduce the number of cows in France, angers the sector. The 17,000 animals contribute to 11.8% of CO2 emissions in France by releasing methane, a powerful greenhouse gas. Stéphane Demont, breeder in Limousin, does not believe this report and fears that the cows will be imported from elsewhere.
Reduction in the number of cattle in France The number of cattle has been declining for 30 years, but France is still the leading producer in Europe. The Court of Auditors wants to go faster, because it estimates that the equivalent of 11.8% of CO2 emissions comes from cattle. “We need proactive public policies on consumers, but also on intermediaries,” says Thomas Bonvillain, agricultural researcher at I4CE. A third of French people eat more than 500 grams of red meat per week, while health nutrition recommendations are lower